Tuesday, January 1, 2013

7.9 - Beautiful Girls

Prim didn’t want to know if her baby was a girl or a boy, so Topaz decorated the nursery in pretty neutral colours. They could afford to repaint the blue walls so Prim’s hoping she’s having a boy.

But boy or girl, Prim’s determined to be the best mom she can be. She has memories or her parents, and they always made her feel safe and loved. Her mother was always there for her and Topaz always sacrificed as her surrogate mother. Prim wants to be just as good as her relatives, better if that’s possible.

Even so, her baby is quite large, and her growing belly makes life hard. She’s always in pain and won’t chance using her magic to help with the weight gain. 

Topaz feels a shred of worry every time she sees her sister’s belly. Epsilon swore the soul she’d claim wouldn’t be Prim or Nalin’s, but what if she changed her mind? Topaz has no written contract, only the goddess’s word. And to be honest, she doesn’t have much trust in the words of gods.

Still, Winter is alive and well, so what can Topaz do but hope that Prim will be fine? 

Winter works at the caravan most of the time with a few of the other fortune tellers (It’s bigger on the inside), but to make extra money she’ll occasionally invite over a client or two for private readings. 

The physical touch is unnecessary, but her boss says people are expecting a show, so thats what she goes them.

“You need to let your son go and make his own decisions.” Winter tells her client after seeing an image of the woman’s fears of letting her son leave town to marry. “He’ll go even without your permission, but by supporting him you’ll ensure you aren’t severing your relationship to him.”

It isn’t what she wanted to hear, but she pays Winter anyway.

“Could I do all this before I died?” She asks Nalin once the client has left. 

He shrugs in response, chewing his food in thought. “I dunno. If you could, you never told me. But my grandma used to say everyone has the potential for things like telepathy, its just a matter of being able to unlock it. Maybe dying and being brought back was what unlocked it for you.”

Maybe, but that does remind her to ask something else. “Nalin... how did I die?”

This is something he always hoped she’d never ask. 

Slowly, he finishes eating, stalling for time as he tries to think of the best way to say things. 

Eventually, he can’t stall anymore and he pulls her into the living room, holding her hands for support. “You’re sure you want to know?”

She nods. “It’s the last question I really have. I want to know.”

“When we were teenagers you used to tell me about seeing snow in your old town and wishing you could play in it now that you were actually old enough. I wanted to make your wish come true so I made a machine that would force snow to fall, and it worked. But I made a mistake in my calculations and the machine wouldn’t stop. Gaia, the creator of this world came by after three days of non stop snow in order to bring about a balance again. But first she saw me, knew it was my fault and attacked me.” 

He can still remember the fear as the strange woman raised a glowing hand at him. He’d wanted to run but couldn’t, and before he knew it- “You were with me at the time, and when I couldn’t run you stood in front of me and took the blast. It killed you instantly.”

“Hunh.” She says, considering his words. “To be honest, I thought it was going to be more impressive than that.”

“What, sacrificing yourself for your loved one and being taken out by the creator isn’t impressive enough for you?”

“I guess it is if you put it that way...”

With a smile she leans closer to him. “But hey, I guess this means you owe me whatever I want.”

“I’m insulted.” He jokes. “I thought I was already giving you everything you wanted.”

“Not quite.” She reminds him. “There’s still one thing I really want. Any ideas?”

With a smile, he pulls back and drops down onto one knee. “I think it might be babies, but will a ring do for now?”

She can’t hide her grin. “Yeah... it’ll do.”

As he embraces her, she gives a silent sigh of relief. For a while there, she’d been worried his constant attention and support had been from the guilt of killing her with his own hands. Knowing what really happened makes everything understandable now.

Prim doesn’t spend much time at home during her pregnancy, instead she hangs out with Cornell, usually at his place.

He’s a lot younger than her, and tries to show off by showing her just how much of a daredevil he can be.

“Dare me to eat this dirt of the floor?”

“No! Cornell, I-”

“Okay! I’ll do it!”

That is so freaking nasty.

She makes him brush his teeth three times before she’ll kiss him.

Cornell told his little sister that Prim was his study buddy. She’s beginning to realize he was lying, and wonders if telling his actual girlfriend would be a good idea or a bad idea.

Casey asks Topaz out on a date to the fall festival. Falls almost over but its still warm enough for him to be sleeveless (Plus he claims being exposed makes him all the hotter).

Topaz brings up the idea of woo-hoo in the haystacks around back to warm up and he’s doesn’t argue.

“You know I think Honey Darnell over there know what we were doing in the bushels. She keeps staring at us and winking.”

Topaz takes one look behind them at the aging country star and bursts out laughing. “Well, there goes my reputation!”

“Bah.” Casey smiles. “Reputations only matter if you care about them.”

Prim’s home alone when the labour pains hit. 

She calls for a taxi, and then calls Topaz to tell her what’s going on. Her sister says she’ll meet her at the hospital and then hangs up. The pain is bad, but not excruciating yet. Prim can still walk, and makes it outside just fine. Her only real worry is if Cruz will be there or not.

Cruz makes it to the hospital in record time when one of the nurses calls him. He doesn’t go in to see Prim, but he does call child services and waits patiently while the decision is made to place the twins in his custody. He and his wife leave with the new babies while Prim is still in recovery.

There are two cribs in the nursery when Prim finally gets back home. Topaz called Nalin and Winter as soon as she found out Prim was having twins, but didn’t manage to call them after they were taken away.

They took her babies away. It’s still sinking in. 

She gave birth to two perfect baby girls, Azalea and Blossom, both sparkling fairies and everything had been good and happy. They were healthy, and she was alright. The nurse told her they were just going to take the girls to feed them and then she never returned.

Its four in the morning and Topaz has been on the phone all night trying to convince social services they made a mistake, but Cruz’s mother just made a giant donation and they won’t listen. 

“Everything will be alright.” She says, pulling her little sister into a hug. “We’ll get them back, I swear.”

“No we won’t.” Prim stammers, voice breaking. “He has money, Topaz, and that’s all that matters. I’m never even going to be able to see them again.”


I've done a few story lines that I probably shouldn't have. Raindrop, the abusive murderous half-ling you killed the mother of his baby and then drove his wife to insanity. The incestuous (and happy) relationship of Nicolas and Coral. 

Even so, this is the first story line that made me pause and think "Can I actually do this"? Prim had unexpected twins, and while I was okay with making Prim lose her only child to Cruz, I suddenly wasn't sure if I could make her lose twins. But I did it anyway. I'm not expecting you guys to feel what I felt, but I'll tell you this much... things are going to get worse before they get better.


  1. I'm sure this was a very hard decision. =(

    Anyway great pictures, and I'm glad things are working out for Nalin, Winter and Topaz... but I still think stuff's going to get worse because I KNOW YOU.

    1. You know me too well : )

      It was a very hard decision. I think I'm getting soft! I'm too attached to these guys...

  2. Poor Prim! Cruz is unbelievable to take away her babies like that! They're his too, but to just take them away while she's in recovery! D:

    And Casey still leading Topaz on... grrrr....

    Hooray for Winter and Nalin though, at least one couple has things going well for them... for now.

    1. I think Winter and Nalin will have to be the strong ones for a while. Thats if they can, I mean. Nalin's pretty childish (more so than Prim), and while he's been there for Winter, I doubt he'll notice things blowing up for his sisters until they're right in his face. But I guess we'll see.

  3. I’m probley going to take some heat for this, but I’m glad that Cruz took his children. The way Prim treated him, dumping him like she did, showed that she has no consideration for others feelings. I for one am hoping that Cruz will keep his children from such a selfish childish person. Maybe this will be a good growing up lesson, to show her how it feels to have your heart ripped out.

    Casey on the other hand…..I hope you have something good planned for him.

    1. I do have something very good planned for Casey. Should be next chapter, I believe.

      I have to stand up for Prim just a little. Yes she's very childish and very selfish, but I fully believe she would have been a great mom. She might need a little help considering she had twins, but I believe she truly would have loved her girls and been a great mother to them.

      But I guess we'll never find out now. You're just going to see her now that she's broken. : )

  4. Poor Prim! To lose your babies that way! That ought to be a life changer for her! Who knew that Cruz wanted a family THAT badly! Yikes! (And Cornell has a girlfriend?!)

    Casey still hasn't come clean---so there's still that ticking time bomb.

    I'd say all and all--life is pretty normal for the Sari's. lol Drama, drama, drama! :P

    1. Cornell has a girlfriend, yes. Dunno if Prim knows, but I really don't think she'd care anymore.

      I can't help it! I'll give my sims happy days when the story calls for it, but who can really say they've had a perfectly happy, perfectly boring life from birth to death? This family is just slightly... uh... cursed...

  5. Hm...I can't decide how I feel about this. Prim was horrible to Cruz, but I feel really bad for her at the same time...eh, I'll just wait and see how that one plays out.

    Casey can go drown in the ocean. >:( Poor Topaz deserves better than some cheating ass. She's had a tough enough life without having to deal with all that drama, yet I have a feeling that it'll be a great story.

    Side note / question / whatever: Where did you get Trinity's teen hair? Yeah, all the way back to gen 6 lol, but I desperately want it all of a sudden...and I'm completely hopeless at tracking down CC. >_<

    1. Uuuuh shoot. I could have sworn it was XM sims but apparently its a retextured rose hair by Anubis. You can download it here: http://anubis360.blogspot.ca/2011/12/rose-donate-hair-0080-converted-for_28.html

      Yeah, I'm kinda mixed on the whole thing with Prim and Cruz too. At the beginning I was certain Cruz would only take his daughter if he really thought his kid was in danger. And breaking Prim's heart was strictly for story reasons. Then I actually had to do it and it kind of broke my heart. : (

    2. Thanks so much! I KNEW it looked familiar, and as soon as you said Anubis I remembered and coulda kicked myself. Thanks for putting up with my dumb questions lol.

      Definitely looking forward to seeing how Prim deals with losing her twins. I'm sure things'll get a lot worse, but you usually give your Sims happy endings so I'm crossing my fingers that in the end things will be ok.

  6. I kind of worried about Prim's ability to care for children too. But I don't think it makes it a good thing that Cruz took them, I don't feel like he was motivated by concern for the children necessarily.
    It's sad when a parent uses the children to get at the other parent, and maybe I;m wrong but I feel like this is what Cruz is doing.

    1. I think you might be correct about Cruz taking the babies to get back at Prim. I don't quite know myself if it was his primary motivation, but I'm sure it was there in the back of his mind.

  7. Casey...why are you still here? You need to disappear.

    I think the most despicable person in the Prim/twins/Cruz mess is his mother. To donate money to ensure that your grandchildren's mother is not allowed to see her children, that's just evil. I feel like she's much more of a motivating force behind what's going on. Yes, Cruz wanted a family but he had a wife and could have children with her. I feel like little whispers from his mother and perhaps wife are really the driving reason behind his decision to take the twins without even seeing or talking to Prim. I love their names though and I do hope we get a glimpse at them.

    1. He's still here because Topaz wants him to be here : )

      I DEFINITELY agree with you about Cruz's mom being the voice in his ear. I never put her into the story because she was rarely there, but everything she was around Prim she'd boo or glare at her. No idea why! She's a premade, so its not like she could have the "Supernatural Skeptic" trait or something.

      I dunno how deep I'm going to get into Cruz's motivation, but this won't be the last time we see him.

  8. I'm not sure what I feel about Cruz taking the twins away from Prim. While Prim might have made a good mother, I can see how the things she said to Cruz when she told him about her pregnancy and then dumped him for wanting to marry her could lead him to think that she wouldn't be a good mother and while I do think he should allow her contact with them (admittedly you haven't said whether he intends to or not) I also wonder whether she would have allowed him contact if he hadn't gained custody.

    As for Casey, he's a git and I hope you punish him thoroughly for the pain he'll cause Topaz when she finds out about the fact he's married!

    1. Casey gets whats coming to him, and more.

      I like to think if Prim had kept her kids she would have let Cruz see them, if not just because Topaz would have forced her too considering how Topaz's own relationship with her birth father almost was.

  9. Oh my god. This made a twinge in my heart

    1. Mine too. : ( I mean, I knew it would make me sad, but I never thought it would hit me as hard as it did.