Sunday, February 10, 2013

7.19 - Summer Dreams

The journey to Monte Vista is long, but uneventful. Nico offered to take care of all the arrangements for their arrival, so all the family had to do was pack themselves and arrange work transfers. 

At the very least, the home Nico finds for them is spectacular and far larger than the home they were all stuffed into previously. (This one has 7 bedrooms!)

Nalin’s work is pretty easy to move around, and the first thing he does is set up his inventing bench outside. Word of his work with the Appaloosa Plains local municipality has spread far and Monte Vista seems more than willing to buy whatever he can make. He’s already got a work order from the local military base for floor hygeniators.

Prim is no longer the only fairy in town, but the grocery store is willing to sell whatever she grows once again. Really, she should be thankful for the job, and for the waiting flower pots outside her window courtesy of the grandfather she doesn’t remember.

Her room also has the best view of the town. It pulls at her, but she doesn’t want to do more than leave her room right now. 

The kids adjust to the new town quickly. Summer has already arrived, and the warm weather makes everyone happy. 

Since they’ve had to miss a few days of school on the trip to town, the school board sent ahead some homework. Lilac is the only one to actually work on it.

Nico swears the tree house came with the lot, but it looks brand new. Iris isn’t whining. She loves it! She can finally be the princess she was always meant to be!

“Hey Iris! Can I come up and play?”

Ugh... brothers. 

“Hey Hawk! Uh... gimme a second.”

Rule number one: 


New faces aren’t rare in Monte Vista, but plenty of neighbors show up anyway to welcome the Saris to town.

Monte Vista is so different from Appaloosa Plains. Here, when Winter tells people she’s a psychic they actually ask her to read their minds and tell them the future. Back home she’d have to work hard to convince people she wasn’t a con artist!

Iris got kicked out of the treehouse by her siblings and cousin Zahara. She’s in a bad mood right now. 

This poor guest just happened to be in the wrong place and the wrong time. Word around town is this kid is the emperor of evil’s great-granddaughter. She MUST be dangerous!

Guests makes Zahara uncomfortable. So she spends the day in the treehouse. 

It took a long time to trick Iris into leaving the treehouse. Even longer to barricade the trap floor against her returning. Its not that they hate their sister... she’s just... uh...

“Iris stole Mr. Cuddles again.”

“Again, Hawk? You need to stop leaving him where she can find him!”

 Its nice to finally have a dining room and table large enough to seat everyone. And, of course, to have everyone finally of age enough to sit at that table.

 The only real addition the Saris had made to the house was the addition of the basement wreck room. It’s sort of strange to have a giant ass bookcase alongside the gym equipment, but it was Nalin’s idea and he’s always been a little loopy.

Yep. Loopy. 

Topaz was terrified finding work here would be impossible, but Monte Vista’s more recent immigrants have all been members of the occult, and they miss the potions and elixers that made life so easy in the havens. Topaz has easy work here.

Nicolas hasn’t has much time to visit the family, and let them settle in on their own. He has another family now. 

Devon Devlish isn’t Nico’s biological son. He’s the son of a friend who met the end of his life on the business end of a nice big gun. Nico took the boy in as a toddler. 

Devon strongly believed his “dad’s” search for his biological son’s family was a fruitless search. “So... wait... they’re coming to visit? Why do I have to be here? They aren’t my family, y’know.”

“They’re my family, Devon. That makes them your family too.”

Psh. Details. He so doesn’t want to be here right now.

Topaz can’t help but be a little surprised that Coral and Nico are still married. But her grandmother seems happy enough and makes sure to say hello. She’s different, Topaz can tell that much right off the bat, but that’s likely what happens when you’re married to a mob boss.

At least Nico hasn’t changed... at all. 

“You poor child. What an unfortunate hair colour!”

The girls are greeted in a better way, but thats just because they’re all adorable. 

It takes Lilac only a few minutes to sense trouble. “Oh Watcher... Z, where’s Iris?”

“Burning something or someone, probably.”

Surprisingly, Iris is actually attempting to make nice.

“You’re a vampire!” She squeals, all excited for being able to recognize the signs by herself. “What’s your name? You know what, doesn’t matter. You can be my first minion! My right-hand monster! A bodyguard! Every princess needs one!”

Heh... cute kid. Totally Nico’s descendant. 

“I don’t think so, kid. You aren’t pretty enough to be my princess.”

... Nobody says no to Iris Sari.


It isn’t holy water, but it still stings. Kid’s got quite an arm.

“... I am going to murder you, kid. And I’m going to enjoy it.”

“You won’t hurt me.” She giggles. 

“How do you know?”

“Cause you’re laughing too.”

Once Topaz tells Coral what Nico said to little Hawk, the artist has a few choice words with her dear husband. Nico spends the rest of the evening playing tag to make up for calling Hawk’s hair ugly.

Where are Nalin and Winter during this scene you wonder?

Ending things on a good note: Tonight is date night, and they’re enjoying having the house empty for a few hours.


I think I like Monte Vista. It's a nice place. 

Big thanks to Bakafox from MTS for a the gorgeous extra lots that will be featured sooner or later. 

<3 Devon. He's my new heartthrob. 


  1. Prim certainly got a nice view! And it's certainly a good thing that this family has a larger house, with enough bedrooms for the lot of them.

    It's great to see Coral again too. I do wonder what they meant by her being different. She seemed sweet ole Coral to me.

    1. Coral's just goanna be a lot... quieter from here on out. Her changes will be more prominent later, specifically when Iris's generation takes a much darker tone than I regularly write and Coral shows that she's fine with it. She's still sweet, but now she's more focused on keeping her family safe and no one else.

      Larger house = less headaches for Watcher.

  2. "Holy Water Bomb" That's fantastic! Love it!
    The new home is awesome! And Prim's view is just as lovely.
    Glad to see Coral standing up for the grandkids. lol
    Hawk's future g/f is up for download under the generational goals page on my blog. She's totally stoked to be able to get out of town an entire age stage before I will let her in my game.

    1. I'm thinking of having Layla as an exchange student staying with a home stay family, but other than that you get no spoilers. : P But he'll treat her well.

      Iris knows how to get what she wants. And if she really had had access to holy water... she probably would've killed him for belittling her. Poor Devon is in over his head.

  3. The holy water bomb was funny, and I love that Coral told Nico off for being rude about Hawk's hair and made him play tag to make up for it

    1. Coral has to take care of her husband. Who knows what kind of trouble his tongue would get him into without her there to smack him into behaving?

  4. The house looks great. And Prim's view is awesome.

    1. The house was in no way made by me cause I ended up finding a really nice one that fit. And then I just had do some minor edits to add in two bathrooms and make a few extra rooms.

      I really love the view from ALL the rooms. But Prim's is the best. (Second is the view from Hawk's room. Which looks in the opposite direction.)

  5. It has taken me forever but I have finally caught up! Went back and read from the Starrs! I love your legacy! But I'm scared at who is gonna kick the bucket next Dx

  6. Lovely house they have!

    I loved the water bomb Iris threw from the tree fort. lol Watch out MV, Iris has arrived, lol.

    Nico is still gorgeous as ever, even with his foot in his mouth. (Good thing he still has Coral to help him out.) Devon is a good looking sim too. :D

  7. Ooh I see a couple brewing! Devon and Iris will be perfect together and don't tell me I'm wrong, I wanna imagine things until you introduce whoever you're planning for Iris, hopefully his backstory will make me like him more than Devon...doubtful lol. I want Devon and Iris! <3

    So what do you think of Monte Vista? I've got it and I've played it, but the whole look wore on me pretty fast. You've gotta go check out the sports stadium rabbithole, it's all rundown like the coliseum in Rome. Easily the coolest spot in Monte Vista.