Founding Families


- Raydenne Amarel
- Arycella Amarel

Half-sisters Ray and Ary have always gotten along well, despite being on opposite sides of the personality spectrum. Ray is goofy, childish, and just wants to have fun! Arycella on the other hand prefers a quiet night in with a good book, or a few uninterrupted hours with her inventing table. Neither girl is looking for that "special someone" but you never know... those cute Avendale brothers next door are quite something. [With thanks to Maddie for her beautiful Amarel Legacy founders]


- Yalena Avendale
- Ansley Avendale
- Zane Avendale
- Xander Avendale

Believe it or not, these siblings don't even make up HALF of the kids in their generation! Momma and poppa Avendale had nine children and once grown up these four decided they couldn't take it anymore and moved as far as possible without actually going into space (or even leaving Sim Nation). However two days living in the new town and all four have decided to go their own separate ways. It's all Xander's fault really. He pissed off Morgan. [The Avendale siblings are lovingly taken from Heaven's Avendale Legacy blog. And I am not even kidding about Xander. FIRST thing he did in town was flirt with Morgan, sleep with her, and then break up. I love this kid.]

Bowman and Wish

- Rory Bowman
- Daniel Wish

Rory and Danny literally met on the ferry ride over from the mainland. Neither of them had a place to live and weren't thrilled about renting an apartment so they decided to move in together, despite knowing next to nothing about each other. It didn't take long for each to get a job, and as soon as they tell each other what they do for a living over dinner, shit is going to hit the fan. You see Danny is a cop and Rory... well, Rory is well on his way to becoming the empress of evil's new favourite. [Rory the sexy thief comes from Melissa's spectacular As the Romans Do Legacy which has ended but is still totally worth the read through. Daniel is a gender bent version of Cho Dawn from my Sabo Legacy]


- Joanna Clemetis
- Joshua Clemetis

When Joanna Clemetis found herself pregnant with the child of a man who never wanted to be a father she feared the stress of balancing a hectic work schedule with a newborn baby. But with a job offer to the relaxed island of Morikipo Joanna's fears have almost been totally laid to rest. Still, doubts linger when she looks at the lines on her face next to her baby boy's newborn skin. How is she supposed to raise a little boy so late in her life? [Big thanks to Ali for her Clemetis Legacy founder and heir. I never realized how ADORABLE Joshua was!]


- Harris Evans
- Gwendolyn Evans
- Elizabeth Evans
- Christian Evans

Harris and Gwen met in law school where Harris was developing the skills he'd need as a politician and Gwen was looking for a rich husband to pay her way through life. Both got what they wanted and now appear to be the picture perfect family with twins Liz and Chris. But of course perfection is a myth. Elizabeth is a little terror who throws tantrums whenever she hears the word "no" and Christian is kept home to keep the media from learning about the voices he hears. Gwen has ties to the local crime scene and Harris has more lovers than you have fingers. Quite the perfect family indeed. [Harris is another beauty from Melissa's As the Romans Do Legacy and Gwendolyn is from my non-random legacy story, Evans: From the Ground Up]


- Sebastian Fierce
- Aviva Starr

Although not quite newlyweds any longer, Aviva and Sebastian still act like it. Both are artist, with canvas as her medium and thestage as his. Aviva was born a vampire while Sebastian was turned at a heartbreaking moment in his life. He didn't know what happiness was until meeting her, and Aviva's only wish is that Sebastian stop being so damn PERFECT all the time. How is she supposed to paint from her pain when her life is absolutely perfect now? [Sebastian the sexy is from Jessica's beautifully detailed Burkheart Random Legacy, and Aviva is from my Sabo Random Legacy. In fact, she's the older sister of one of my founders.]


- Ellis Harris
- Logan Harris
- Harlan Harris

Logan and Ellis do like each other, they won't deny that. And they do adore their only son. But are they truly in love? Not so much. The real question is just how much they'll go through to keep their fragile family together, and if Logan can resist the temptation of the road (and the other lovely women in town). [With big thanks to Giga for the adorable genetics in her Harris Legacy.]


- Morgan Hemlock

Strong, beautiful, dangerous and every bit as deadly as her surname suggests. Morgan is a big time reporter with her own TV show, the leader of the local paparazzi and the only woman who can make Harris Evans piss himself in fear. Everyone knows she holds all the real power in this town and hates her for it. Those who don't hate her are too afraid to come anywhere close to her. Quite the problem for a woman who is finally feeling her age and regrets not settling down with a family earlier. [Morgan Hemlock is a sim made by MTS local, Teal_Moonshine. While she doesn't have a story for me to link too she's still awesome. And her sims are sooo cute.]


- Snowflake Jones
- Azure Jones

Snowflake's been famous since she was born. Her first musical CD came out when she was 12 and she's been in the top 40 ever since. But after a long crash and burn weekend to celebrate her transition into young adulthood she's been off hiding out of sight and out of mind. At least until her engagement to Morikipo's very young chief of police and their televised wedding. It's been a while and so far they seem  truly in love, what a surprise! Sometimes even celebrities can get their happy ending. Now the real question is when will Snowflake finally accept her widening belly and looming motherhood... [Snowflake and Azure by different names can be seen in Gen 3 of my Sabo Legacy.]


- Elijah McKinley
- Scarlett McKinley
- Nathaniel McKinley
- Faye McKinley
- Anastasia McKinly

If Eli and Scarlett McKinley look tired it's because they are. Married straight out of high school, pregnant with their first shortly after, and not a moment's rest ever since. They moved to Morikipo for the fantastic school system and had Anastasia in the local hospital. They're hoping she'll be their last but you never know...


- Naveen Smith
- Jane Doe

Naveen isn't your typical petty criminal. In fact he's quite a gifted conman with a fascinating past full of palaces, assassinations, and a hasty departure from his father's kingdom while he was just a teenager. While on the run he met another criminal who goes only by the name Jane Doe and together they moved to Morikipo to escape the law and start their own criminal empire. Now Jane is the Empress of Evil and Naveen her most trusted ally, as well as the only sim who knows her true identity. But things could fast be changing with some of the island's newest arrivals.


  1. Bowman and Wish, it sounds like a country band, lol. And they could totally have a contest over who has the biggest chin. =P

    I love the pic of Naveen and Jane, where you can just see her lower face peeking out behind him.

    1. I am actually SO happy you noticed Jane's face behind Naveen's. I took a couple pics from different angles and all the other ones showed too much of her face.

      My decision to include Rory pretty much went like this: "Of crap I need more guys... Okay I have Danny, I can use maybe a male version of another chick? Well lets see who I have in my bin- Hellooooo Rory. When did I download you?"

    2. That's funny, because Rory actually lived with his cop brother for awhile. So it fits you gave him to a cop for a roommate.

    3. In my defence I'd actually forgotten about that! I was thinking more Twinbrook's Goode and Bad household.

  2. Ooh, I'm really liking the Smith/Doe pairing - a secret Sim!!

    Love the founding families - this is gonna be an awesome legacy!

  3. I love Sebastian and Aviva so much! Their back story is very intriguing and they seem to really love each other. (Sorry Emmalina) Lol. I actually love everyone's back story and I can't wait for you to get this show on the road!

  4. You included the Harris's?! If it wasn't obvious before, I luff you.

    I'll be back in the threads soon, updating and such. In the meantime, I have to catch up on the Sabo's. I fell so far behind. :/

    Can't wait to read your new one.