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Pearl Sari

Pearl takes pride in being the oldest, and has always been very protective of her siblings. She shares a very special bond with her twin brother Rio and they’re more like two parts of the same person. Not to say she isn’t her own person however. She dreams of one day having a family of her own with a loving husband. But destined to be an officer of the law what will drive her in the opposite direction of her mother? And will it cause a rift between herself and what she values most of all?

- Couple
- Five Children
- Primary Career: Law Enforcement (Spy)
- Secondary Career: Busker

- Gen Goal: Hobby or Obsession
- Misc Fun: Fashion Diva

Rio Sari
Rio isn’t a bad boy. He doesn’t even pretend to be. But he’s been getting a reputation and all its done is make him more popular and managed to get the attention of the cutest girl in school. Corrine’s more of a bitch than his little sister, Kitten but she’s cool. And Rio doesn’t even care about girls anyway. He just cares about his music and having fun. 

- Couple
- Two Children
- Primary Career: Music (Rockstar)
- Secondary Career: Artist
- Gen Goal: 5 Star Celebrity
- Misc Fun: Partier

Kitten Sari
Kitten isn’t a bitch. She just likes to be the centre of attention and there is hell to pay whenever she isn’t. She loves her brother, but would rather die than tell him that. He’s a slacker and she’ll be damned if she ever ends up like him. Cooking isn’t a viable career choice. She’ll be a doctor, or a scientist, or maybe even an astronaut! But she won’t let her life go to waste... no way. Not as long as her family is there for her. And they WILL always be there for her... won't they?

- Single Parent
- Three Children
- Primary Career: Ghost Hunter
- Gen Goal: Perfect Children
- Misc Fun: Fighter

Nile Sari
Nile’s a lover, not a fighter. He’s got the softest soul in the family and says the least. Some would say he fades into the background but his family loves him dearly. Someday maybe he might have a family, but for now his twin sister’s words are constantly cutting at him. She claims he’s an idiot, that he’s wasting his genius but he’ll show her. Kitten’s just a bitch and he’ll show her just how great he can be.

- Couple
- Five Children
- Primary Career: Culinary
- Secondary Career: Artist
- Gen Goal: Perfect Careers
- Misc Fun: It's So You

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  1. I voted for Pearl. Her roll seems awesome. =D